IAH-D und FH-DGGV bei der GeoBerlin 2023

Vom 3. bis 7. September 2023 findet die Jahrestagung der DGGV „GeoBerlin 2023“ statt. Hier organisieren FH-DGGV und IAH-D gemeinsam die unten dargelegte Session.

Bis zum 3. Mai 2023 können über die Tagungshomepage der GeoBerlin noch Abstracts eingereicht werden.

Natürlich würden wir uns enorm freuen, wenn Sie dabei sind und einen Abstract für diese Session einreichen würden.

Beste Grüße

Ihre FH-DGGV- und IAH-D-Teams


Session 1.25 New Challenges to the oldest part of the hydrologic cycle: Groundwater
Addressing seasonal local-scale to long-term continental-scale groundwater flow problems in cold environments” . Groundwater --- as a frequently neglected but fundamentally important part of the hydrologic cycle --- faces various ongoing and new pressures. These include overexploitation, uncertainties of flow dynamics on seasonal and long-term perspectives as well as deterioration of quality through influx of saline waters, fertilizers or organic and inorganic pollutants. These pressures often relate to changes of the hydrologic cycle and challenge hydrogeologists to apply novel concepts including big data and machine learning combined with new methods including high-resolution and large-scale modelling, isotopes or determinations of emerging pollutants. In addition, links to other disciplines such as microbiology, ecology, biodiversity and chemistry are necessary to approach environmental water symptoms with combined solutions. We invite contributions from a wide spectrum of hydrogeological applications including natural and artificial groundwater recharge, groundwater geophysics, aqueous geochemistry, large-scale data evaluation as well as quantity and quality modelling. The aim is to enhance interdisciplinary thinking within hydrogeology and to extend to other fields to address environmental and water issues with multifaceted approaches. We invite contributions from all fields directly or indirectly related to groundwater to establish high-level exchanges of ideas and approaches for future pathways in Hydrogeology and aqueous sciences.

Planned keynote speaker: Prof. Jean-Michel Lemieux from Université Laval in Québec, Département de géologie et de génie géologique