What's New in Hydro?

Eine Veranstaltungsreihe gemeinsam mit der IAH-D


In unserer gemeinsamen Veranstaltung mit der IAH-D "What's new in Hydro / Was ist neu in Hydro" laden wir internationale Wissenschaftler ein, über aktuelle oder interessante Themen der Hydrogeologie zu referieren. Die Vorträge finden als Online-Veranstaltung live per Zoom statt und stehen allen Mitgliedern der FH-DGGV offen.

Die nächste Veranstaltung wird am 20. Oktober 2022 um 17:00 Uhr stattfinden. Wir konnten dieses Mal ein Rednerteam mit Theresa Frommen von der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin und Fabian Hecht von der Berliner Senatsverwaltung gewinnen.

Groundwater & Society – The Berlin Case

A few years ago, socio-hydrogeology was proposed as an effective approach for an increasingly holistic and integrated way of addressing complex groundwater-related issues. In this presentation, we will give a brief historical overview of different approaches to water society research in the first part, before introducing the concept of socio-hydrogeology.

In the second part, we will discuss an example from current socio-hydrogeological practice in Berlin, Germany. The development of groundwater levels over time in the central areas of the city reflects the socio-economic and political history of the city - almost 100% of drinking water is extracted from groundwater within the city limits - with low levels during periods of economic and population growth and high levels during periods of lower drinking water extraction and construction activity. Nevertheless, it was and still is an "invisible resource" for most inhabitants - at best unnoticed (although available as tap water in every household) - at worst noticed when damage occurs, e.g. due to wet cellars, leading to many conflicts. To date, the Berlin administration is committed to mitigating these conflicts, using a variety of approaches, from information events with hundreds of participants to home visits to assess the risks and provide advice on possible measures to protect the basement from groundwater damage.

In view of the rising number of groundwater conflicts in different parts of Germany, we see the need to open up disciplinary boundaries and look outside the well.

What are your experiences and thoughts on this topic? We would love to get into a discussion with you about the future path of hydrogeology in a changing society.

Der Vortrag wird per Zoom stattfinden. Die Zugangsdaten werden per E-Mail an alle Mitglieder verschickt.

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